Public speaking training & coaching

You can learn to pitch, present or persuade with confidence, in person or via video conference.
Learn essential public speaking skills.

What do we do?

We help beginners to advanced public speakers overcome their fear and anxiety.

We teach them to let go of past traumas or expectations and to see what works for them. With our guidance we provide a supportive platform where you can learn by getting consistent feedback, improving on mistakes without getting shamed, thereby building long-lasting confidence.

Discover how you can speak up in meetings and deliver presentations with confidence!

Our workshops are always interactive, and student participation is not only a key part of our workshops, but also a necessity to building confidence.

We nurture a friendly and supportive environment so all our students can feel comfortable experimenting with their style of speaking. Authenticity is a key value of ours, and we encourage all students to be as they wish to be in the real world.

Our hope is that through our workshops, our students will have gained the confidence to create the lasting change they desire within themselves and to the things that matter to them.

Impromptu Public Speaking is a type of public speaking where speakers are asked to present without any prior notice. In these cases, speakers need to think on the spot, and are required to display a great deal of courage and vulnerability when being their authentic selves. In your professional or non-professional life, this often means holding an unexpected meeting, leading a group of people due to leadership absences, going for an interview and being asked unexpected questions, or being put in any other situation which requires immediate action on your behalf.

Practicing Public Speaking this way develops a great deal of confidence really fast, because it embraces failure as a natural part of the process of learning, it teaches us to be true to ourselves and therefore nurtures acceptance and understanding, and it teaches us a great deal about leadership as this is the main ingredient which makes it all work together.

Sometimes people wonder, why should I bother with public speaking? And our response is to help them to look beyond the technicalities of public speaking and to get them to start thinking about the importance and value of Leadership.

  • Business type venue
  • Audience size 10-20 people
  • Topics - Random topics
  • Speaking time: 2 rounds, 2 minutes each
  • Feedback session at the end of the lesson
  • Recording with own phone possible

" We've succeeded not when you come up and speak, but when you've become an awe-inspiring leader. "
~ Valentin Todorov ~

How we do it?

There is only one way! To invite you up to speak.


We believe that practice makes perfect, so all our workshops put this fundamental necessity at the top of our list of priorities. We teach our students the importance of freedom, vulnerability, and creativity, and by carefully challenging them to come on stage and practice we hope that they find their true and authentic selves.


We have chosen improvised public speaking as this maximises the focus on the technique of public speaking, thereby allowing you to take the lessons learnt and adapt them to the environment for which you need.


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Why we do what we do.

Its an honour for us to serve and give back the lessons that we've so diligently learnt. We couldn't do it without the support of our listeners and seeing them grow with our help is of utmost privilege. As we recognise the importance of this dynamic for individuals and society, we'd like to contribute through specially designed workshops.

Why we do what we do.

Like all personal development journeys its best done with someone else, and we would also like to make our mark in the community, so that we may learn from others, and make better leaders too.
Our core values are in freedom, creativity, and authenticity. We teach public speaking and presentation skills, but at the core we teach is Leadership.

It is a skill that encompasses all of modern life, be it at work, or at home. The sense of being a Leader is an indescribable power because it is so unique to every individual. Our goal is to see our students rise to become leaders by using the power of their voice and presence. This is a moving experience, it is inspiring, and motivating for ourselves and our students. But fundamentally we believe that every person has the right to freedom of speech, a right to express themselves as they are, and so the reason for why we do what we do must be within our desire and belief that what we do changes peoples lives for the better.

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Why Choose Us?

Practice is at the forefront of what we offer. Attending, you can rest assured that you will practice you public speaking skills in front of a live audience!

We are friendly and supportive not only because we want to be welcoming, but because we understand its fundamental to learning. When students feel comfortable they feel that they can take bigger risks and so they get bigger rewards - its a very simple formula which keeps both the students and the teachers happy.

Most people feel they did worse than they actually did. Our workshops always include a feedback session where you will get tips on what to improve and how to do it. Not only will you hear it from the coaches, but from your audience too.