Online Only Monthly Subscription

Great value and unlimited access to all our workshops online. The package offers and aims to provide students with the same value and practice as our well known and successful physical workshops.

Great for those who want to learn rapidly, or perhaps the busy person who may not be able to travel to see us.


This is a monthly subscription pass for all of our online workshops. This offer is ideal for students of all levels who may not have the time to travel or live too far away from our physical workshops. We aim to deliver the same experience as our physical sessions, packaged in an online format.

This ticket type is ideal for students who want to get a grasp of what public speaking is about and would like to understand the techniques involved in public speaking. Attending every session is a great way to learn quickly, and its excellent value too! The more practice and exposure to failure you get (and we all fail as beginners) the more solid your understanding of public speaking and the more natural it will become.

(Typically) Audience of 6-12

Speaking time 4 minutes total

Impromptu speaking + (may contain storytelling, or other exercises)

Membership Terms

1. All memberships start immediately upon purchase and renew after 30 days automatically. Can be cancelled at any time.

2. You may use your membership to any of our Public Speaking practice sessions online only.

3. Memberships are non-transferable

4. Refunds are available, however, you are to lose 50% of the membership value as an administration fee for cancellation

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  1. anamariaf

    Great Online Session!

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