5 Public Speaking Sessions & Membership

A great option for those willing to challenge themselves and take their public speaking to the next level. After 10 hours of learning, you will definitely improve your skills considerably. Includes membership card and expires within 2 months of purchase. 


This is a membership ticket which includes 5 sessions that you may attend withing 2 months of purchase. Our Practice sessions are a great way to perfect your public speaking skills and they are suitable for beginners to intermediates. 

This ticket type is ideal for students who want to get a grasp of what public speaking is about and would like to understand the techniques involved in public speaking. In 5 sessions, your total learning time will be 10 hours and by the end of your 5 sessions you should have basic understanding of public speaking. Buying this ticket multiple times will give you more practice and exposure to failure, you will learn even more techniques and you will have the time to perfect them, and you will begin to understand your own public speaking style over time.

(Typically) Audience of 10-20

Speaking time 2-3 minutes

Impromptu speaking + (may contain storytelling, or other exercises)

Membership Terms

1. You will be given a membership card on attendance, and you must present this card each time you attend.

2. All memberships start immediately upon purchase and end after 60 days automatically.

3. You may use your membership to any of our Public Speaking practice sessions.

4. Memberships are non-transferable

5. Refunds are available, however, you are to lose 50% of the membership value as an administration fee for cancellation

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  1. anamariaf

    I am very grateful for being part of the group! Thank you, Veespeak team.

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