Unlimited Classes For 1 Year

From Newbie to Expert with a change to improve your Leadership and Public Speaking skills.

£1,500.00 £350.00

This is a one-off payment to give you access to absolutely all of the content we host for 2022. It’s as self-explanatory as it gets, pay once and receive everything regardless of what it costs us.

This is the ultimate package to go from beginner to expert. You will also be offered a chance to lead the classes so you can take your skills to the next level. It’s a big investment with a big reward at the end, for only a fraction of the total price. Paying individually will cost you over £1500, and even paying memberships will cost you £1000, so why is it £350? We believe commitment and courage should be rewarded so this is a thank you from us.

This purchase is ideal for students who want to go from 0 to 100 and put public speaking behind them. No longer will you experience anxiety in the same way or struggle with stage fright and leadership. We know its a huge commitment to make and we hope you have the courage to invest in yourself.

Package contents:

Impromptu speaking + (may contain storytelling, or other exercises)

Leadership (A chance to host and co-host classes which will take you to the next level)

Membership Terms

1. You will be given a membership card on attendance, and you must present this card each time you attend.

2. All memberships start immediately upon purchase and end after 60 days automatically.

3. You may use your membership to any of our Public Speaking practice sessions.

4. Memberships are non-transferable

5. Refunds are available, however, you are to lose 50% of the membership value as an administration fee for cancellation


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