Resumes are over-rated...

For the resume lovers, I would love to give you a beautiful resume outlining years of experience, speaking to big business, and inspiring millions. However, I have none of that, and quite the opposite actually. I don't seek external validation, so therefore I have no qualifications. And those which I have been given for merely attending and trying my best, I have thrown away because they do not represent my true self worth and therefore they are meaningless celebrations. I do have however a tremendous amount of courage, determination, and passion to the causes I believe in. Its those values that I try to instill in others whom I reach, because it is these values that are the foundations of becoming a great public speaker.


Its a tremendous honour to be able to teach and inspire, a benevolent gift for which I am greatful. Being the founder of Veespeak was a journey, and it all started with a little spark of curiosity. I started off right at the bottom, just as everyone else, but it was a different and unsual journey. There was nobody to tell me what I am capable of, and there was nobody to validate my self-worth, so eventually I realised that the only way forward is to believe in myself. I would figure out how to speak after I made the commitment, and so I took a dive into the deep blue sea. These very first few steps happen to be a telltale sign into how I teach and my personality.

Naturally readers will wonder of my background, how did it lead to this? In principle its through the values mentioned above, but I do have a story.

I have been a public speaking coach and an entrepreneur for over 2 years. My journey with public speaking started several years ago when I decided to visit a random event on Public Speaking, just out of curiosity. I was asked to speak in front of an audience of 15 people, and after I was full of joy and fear by the end of it. I was scared for several more years until I remembered those good feelings at public speaking so I decided to pursue this hobby more seriously. Without fail, I would go to at least one Public Speaking workshop every week. It wasn't long until I started to see results and to pick out the different aspects I wanted to improve in myself. Soon after that an opportunity opened itself to lead and teach, and then even sooner than that people looked up to me and asked me for their help. Without realizing the impact I was making to people, they would soon ask me if they can work with me and help me out. Some people wonder why public speaking? But I often say why not? Its an interest turned into a hobby, turned into a business, turned into a lifestyle. Its not a trauma, and I am not healing myself - althought a lot of wisdom can be gained from it, I am merely pursuing that burning desire which I always felt but never had the courage to pursue.

My students stay with me because I teach them what I know, from experience, and I let them learn. I typically think that this is an easy, simple and quite an effective formula. I am humble in what I know, always keen to learn more, and I am not afraid to be challenged. But I am the teacher you may wonder? Well, I am not an authoratitive teacher, and so with me you will often get complete freedom of expression - something with baffles most, and they see it as a limitation. In any case, I will pave the way to any student who can teach better than me, for I am not more important than the cause for which we are all there for, public speaking. I like to be all-inclusinve and accomodating, and I am very adaptive and accepting of the suggestions and ideas that come forthwith. I always have a goal in my mind with all my lessons, but nevertheless, I would never ignore the all too important lesson of life, that failiure is often the best teacher for all.

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